In this day and age when smaller businesses come and go and seem to struggle mightily against much bigger competitors, there exists a different place along almost a mile stretch of Prairie Street on Aurora‘s West Side.

There are no fewer than 12 small businesses, most on the south side of the street, in a predominantly residential neighborhood.

These ventures have existed in their current locations for an average of almost 40 years. That average business age bumps to 53 years when time spent at previous locations is factored into the equation.

And not surprisingly, many of the concerns are multi-generational family affairs.

Prisco’s Family Market leads the way in total years with 90, 24 at the Prairie address. Andy Guzauskas, the new owner, represents the fourth generation of family ownership. His great grandparents, Anthony and Mary Prisco, founded it in 1926.

Some businesses still operational today, including the year opened on Prairie Street (and for some, year opened at an earlier location as well) include:

Young Dental Care — Dr. Kim Young, Dr. Amy Newkirk and earlier Dr. Keith Young: 1962 on Prairie Street, 1957 at earlier location.

• Prairie Cleaners and Dena’s Sewing Room — Bill Stratikis and Dena Betoglou: 1980.

• Hipp Temporary — Tom and Brian Hipp and earlier Dave Hipp: 1985 and much more…


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